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Many people of faith go through periods of doubt. Simple Churches (like Red Dirt Churches) are small and safe, providing us with opportunity to wrestle with our questions. 

To help, there's a website reddirtreligion.org which provides prayers, prompts and practices that encourages us along when we aren't always sure.


These are challenging times. Pray like a Mantis!

First 6 (of 12) attributes of great Red Dirt Church leaders.

Things we can all grow into...

Final 6 (of 12) attributes of Red Dirt Church leaders.

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Interview with Sharon and Stephen Berry.

Interview with Myles from Red Dirt Hervey Bay

We need community more than ever.

A bible talk from Genesis 2

What is Red Dirt Church?

And how you could be a part of it :)

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Catching the vision for Red Dirt-type churches

A Campfire Network

The dream for Red Dirt Church is a network of campfires spreading right across the nation. 



Aren't simple churches just home groups?

ANS: No.

Home Groups are a small part of a larger church.

'Home Groups' [or 'Life Groups', 'Small Groups', 'Connect Groups' etc.] are typically a program of a larger church. These groups are normally intended to be a primary place for pastoral care and topical bible study, in many cases aligned with the broader teaching focus of the church. The leadership, vision and mission are all determined by the larger church. A person is encouraged to attend a Home Group AND to attend the Sunday Service [probably to Serve somewhere as well]. The Sunday Service is the main focus. There and then, the whole church will receive its most important teaching [usually from an ordained minister], hear church-wide news and participate in Communion [sometimes called 'The Lord's Supper' or 'Eucharist']. Home Groups are designed to connect people with others within a larger church community. They are a small cog in a big wheel. 

Simple Churches are whole churches in small groupings. 

Simple Churches are:

* designed to be organic communities of outreach and discipleship within natural networks and relationships,

* program- and asset-lite to allow for rapid multiplication,

* led by vocational leaders who are typically embedded in the marketplace,

* free to set the structure and teaching curriculum according to what best suits the people's needs,

* are informal and hospitality-based, providing a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

So, each church:

* cares for one another [and those they know],

* opens their Bibles together for discipleship-oriented discussion, 

* collectively listens to God, figuring out what God is asking them to be and do,

* lives on mission together,

* regularly shares in The Lord's Supper. 

Simple Churches are much like the churches we read about in the New Testament. 

Non-denominational Christian churches.

Our Mission

Multiplying followers of Jesus 

inside our natural networks

by multiplying simple churches  

that are personal, biblical, 

transformational and missional.

National Director

Introducing Warren Crank

Warren is founder and national director of Red Dirt Church. He was a Baptist pastor for 24 years before embracing the Red Dirt journey full time. Warren brings broad pastoral experience with an entrepreneurial leadership edge. He has been a Rugby League chaplain for over 10 years and is the author of two books (The Resolute Leader and Unofficial Chaplain). He is also on the team of Crossover Australia, a national Baptist taskforce focussing on evangelism and church planting. Warren and his wife Ellen are based north of Brisbane and have three awesome sons.


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